Our goal is to provide the technician with perfect information: so that they can work in greater security, make “right first time” decisions and reduce the complexity of the workday.

That means an app that works on smart phone, tablet or PC. It receives the networked expertise of colleagues, manuals, plans or diagrams. An app that works on line and offline.

“Give me the tool and I will do the job” is all that technicians require. The latest technologies, intelligent mobile devices and new attitudes in the workplace are the pillars of MaintenanceTV. A tool unprecedented in its scope and benefits.


Our shareholders are many: they are successful in a variety of occupations and businesses and give us much valued help and practical advice. They believed in the idea when it was much easier to pass. They have invested a cumulative $3m to date.


Our employees and contractors have been chosen for their specialist expertise. But they are united in their commitment to delivering outstanding software and services for the world’s technicians.

We particularly value their personal strengths such as tenacity so important in this complex industry.



Quintin Thom CEO, understands his good luck in being the first among equals of a great team. And also the demands of executing on our commitments to our customers. After a career of 25 years providing services for engineering and maintenance, he knows that MaintenanceTV will change forever how technicians work.