Getting started

on mobile

Transfer all your existing material to the mobile. It takes just a few hours with our Mass Load tools, a free service. See here for more detail.


  • Mtv is up and running
  • Users can access your information through any device, offline

Edit & enhance
existing documentation

The smartphone is a fantastic reporting device and with Mtv it is easy to make edits and enhancements to existing documentation.

Users learn to edit and enhance material – they can take pictures and video, comment in audio to correct errors or to bring greater clarification.

Extend functionality

Now solve other problems, with say, Mtv’s Troubleshooting to ensure right first time fixes for every failure.

Or use forms to simplify work practices, timesheets, spare parts management

Integrate to
other systems

With Mtv’s Integration Framework integrate Mtv to other systems, your ERP or CMMS systems, if required.

The process of improving on the job performance never stops because technician requirements never stand still.

Building success

Your Mtv system needs talented people to lead it to success.

We will mobilise whatever resources you need to succeed in your implementation. But you need your own people to support the effort and get the platform to succeed. As always, leadership is critical and here is how it is transmitted.

A Steering Commitee

Steering Committee where senior people from both the Customer and Mtv meet regularly to ensure progress. Steering Commitee reviews problems, finds solutions and redirects effort for maximum effect.

The Administrator

One person will be enough unless you have a large organisation. The Administrator will deal with all the aspects of content preparation and users (logons, groups, access rights…).

The Administrator will have experience in, project management, organisation issues and will have good knowledge of the content needs of technicians.

The training required is about 4 days, preferably not in one go. Onsite training is better, although a lot can be accomplished by web meetings. The workload of the Administrator will be heavy, almost full time to begin with.


The senior technicians, engineers or SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) who will vet new contributions of know-how. They will be needed from a few hours a month to a few hours a week, depending on the contribution rate or the problems you wish to solve.

The Validators already have over 99% of the expertise needed:
- Deep knowledge about the technology, process, equipment on which they are asked to give opinion
- The other 1% concerns how to use Mtv, its validation circuits (set up by Administrator), and how to reward contributors with points

A pure IT person

Should be available, especially if there are integration issues or if you have decided to place Mtv inside your corporate firewall.

The users

Mtv really is intuitive and easy to use. When a user logs on Mtv downloads onto his/her device (tablet, smartphone) all the basic training material necessary for self-learning. These materials include step-by-step guides, videos and other illustrated help.

Transforming your Company

We all use smartphones and our favourite apps daily. And we are all aware of the vast differences in how we use our smartphones and our favourite apps and, on the other hand, how we work with legacy systems. Similar huge differences will be noted between MaintenanceTV and traditional systems such as ERP and CMMS systems.

What legacy systems can & cannot

The model for legacy systems is transactional top-down. Their purpose is organisational efficiency, the dominant input is text and numbers. Legacy systems produce great data, sometimes information but never knowledge. Legacy is critical for the corporation but it can do little for personal effectiveness.

A new digital era for technicians

Mobile-based apps work in a completely different way to legacy systems. With logon the server knows who you are, what your needs are, what updates you will be interested in...Cloud has collapased the price of media storage processing and bandwidth, mobile has changed the world IT forever. MaintenanceTV combines all these technologies into a corporate platform for visual knowledge and personal effectiveness on the job. The new era promises truly huge opportunities to increase technical productivity.

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