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Mtv Professional

per user per month
billed every 6 months
Guest users free*

Perfect for a regional or national company that requires the top-down distribution of multimedia documents and wants bottom-up contributions of knowledge, observations, on-the-job experience on their products or services...

Price based on Amazon Web Services hosting.

Mtv International

per user per month
billed every 6 months
Guest users free*

The ideal app for an international organisation wanting to manage geographies, business units or divisions, languages, translation of documents... Full branding & customisation. Own app and and own distribution is available.

The price includes business continuity and multiregional duplication of data and is ISO 27001 compliant. System can be placed behind the corporate firewall.

*Guest users are anonymous and can only view, read or listen to documents.
Guests cannot comment, suggest edits or create content. A standard charge of €1 000 per 6 months is made for unlimited Guest users. MaintenanceTV reserves the right to adjust the charge vary depending on activities and resource use of Guest users.

Own Distribution of Apps
Customers may have complete control over the distribution of their apps. This means that their users will download from the App Stores (Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple) a fully customised and branded app. There is charge of 2000€ per app each 6 months for such a service.

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Professional International
Includes storage, processing & bandwidth
Elastic resources: automatic expansion according to need
Photos plus text annotations, slideshows
PhotoSpeak – slideshows with audio annotations
Sketch – digital sketching with shapes library
Audio commentary
Safety & Precautionary shapes library
Links – web resources, external documents, Mtv documents
Call for Help/Contributions
Air miles for knowledge - Recognition & Rewards
Vetting/Validation by entity/geography
Document Testing & Partial Publishing
Document upgrade & version control
Document history
Via keywords, category
With QR/Barcode
All documents: Mtv, PDF, Word
Search on/offline
Cautionary & Safety symbol library
Critical Task Management & sign-off
Forms & checklists
Secure External Share
Formatting of video in 3 sizes optimised for device
Audio files standardised for hearing across all devices
User passwords
User rights through Groups
Rights by user groups Read/Write/View
Terms of Use
Entities/Business units/divisions
Multiple entities
Terms of Use per region, entity…
Translate Track – keeping tabs on translated content
Languages preferences by users
Add logo, company colours
Home screen design
Create your own distribution
Adding users – Guests automatic
Adding users – by invitation
Adding users – by entity, geography
Notifications by user, user groups
Help Wanted
Secure External Share
Access, view, create/edit from any device
Up to 4 devices per user
Full functionality offline
Standard reports
Report Editor
Via the Mtv Integration Framework
Multi-regional duplication of data
Business Continuity
ISO 27001 Compliant

(1) Device manufacturers use different codecs for video and audio (there are hundreds) to record and compress content. Mtv strips out video and audio content and passes it to an encoding service for formatting into 3 basic “standardised sizes” for optimum delivery on desktop, tablet and mobile.

(2) Distribution means your own app and own downloads from the Google and Apple App Stores. Price per year for your own distribution is maximum €12,000 per year.

(3) Many administrative tasks are reserved for the web version only. Also, because of device limitations/advantages it is not always possible to have identical functionality across all devices.

(4) Not standard, integration projects & maintenance subject to agreement.



Can Mtv be behind our corporate firewall?

Yes, in this case the Customer is delivered the Mtv Virtual Engine and installs the software behind the firewall of the company and is then responsible for all security and IT management.

What is the security and protection of External Secure Hosting?

Services offered by such companies as AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft, IBM etc are recognised as highly secure. Organisations such as NASA have entrusted their cloud computing to AWS, the audit showed higher security by AWS than could economically be provided internally.

What about Government controls?

For many companies and for most technical information even unwanted government scrutiny is not a problem. However, there are some companies who wish to ensure total confidentiality of their information. In that case we can provide Cloud services from Switzerland. Swiss companies are held to the highest standards of customer information protection through the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (‘DPA’) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (‘DPO’) that apply data protection laws and regulations both to individuals and also to legal entities. The services are strictly located in Switzerland, and are exclusively operated from there, which means the customer data is not governed by the USA Patriot Act.

What is the cost for very large-scale implementations?

Prices for many thousands of users can justify lower prices. However, as a system grows so do complexities such as support required, languages, cloud services, volumes of data and database capability.

What IT Investments are required by the Customer - none

Mtv is platform-agnostic meaning all mainstream devices, browsers and operating systems will work with Mtv. You therefore already have all the IT investment you need.

  • A simple download is all that is required for the app (or logon to the web version) and use of the software is simple & intuitive.
  • For the Customer Mtv means the outsourcing of almost every aspect of IT management.

Professional Support

With Mtv’s SaaS model (Software as a Service), the Customer outsources all the IT operations, indeed the only requirement is an internet connection. You are given first level help by a Support Engineer who has experience in your field. He/she acts as your interface to all the operations of you system, outlined below. A Support Engineer can provide project management, consulting and other help across all the functionality of your MaintenanceTV functionality.

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